Our tribal government is the sole owner, or shareholder, of Cherokee Nation Businesses. CNB is the economic engine of not just Cherokee Nation, but for all of northeast Oklahoma. I am pleased to report the Cherokee Nation is strong and getting stronger every day.

CNB, including Cherokee Nation Entertainment, remains the force behind Cherokee Nation’s success and financial stability. We continue to generate a profit, and that benefits our tribal citizens. We reinvest those profits into support for critical services and programs for our people — health care, education and housing — as well as into training, education and employment for Cherokees and further development of our businesses.

In 2018, CNB’s entertainment and hospitality portfolio, which includes our casinos and hotel properties, generated almost $680 million in revenues. Reaching new heights in profitability means the Cherokee Nation tribal government can do more and provide more for Cherokee people. We have set a new standard of success within our businesses and in our abilities to make positive impacts in northeast Oklahoma.

As Principal Chief, I will remain focused on creating a healthier Cherokee Nation, which means healthy Cherokee families and a healthy economic outlook for our businesses. The investments we make today ensure our tribe’s future is brighter for generations to come. When the Cherokee Nation is thriving and our businesses are profitable, Oklahoma is stronger and more successful.


Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief