DeAnna “Jo” Littledave worked many jobs through the years but struggled to find the perfect fit. When an internship at Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs led to a full-time marketing position, she felt fulfilled for the first time in a career.

Littledave, a Cherokee Nation citizen, started her six-month internship only a week after graduating from Rogers State University in spring 2014. She immediately fell in love with her work. She joined the marketing staff full time as a marketing supervisor in November 2014. Today, Littledave books live entertainment, helps run special promotions and assists with private events.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been in any job,” Littledave said. “It’s a really good fit with my life and my personality. I love working with people, and I love interacting with guests every day.”

She says Cherokee Nation Entertainment is more than just a great company to work for. As an employee, she feels she’s uniquely positioned to give back to the tribe that has helped her family.

“I didn’t always have health insurance, and the tribe was there for me,” Littledave said. “Cherokee Nation helped pay for my college education and my children’s college, too. I’m happy I have the opportunity to give back. To be able to say I work for Cherokee Nation, I love that.”

Each year, CNE reinvests 65 percent of its gaming profits into job creation for Cherokee Nation citizens. In 2016, that investment was $66 million.